EC2ND 2009 Programme

EC2ND 2009 - Day 1

9.30-10.00 Registration
10.00-10.15 Welcome
Gian Antonio Magnani, Department Dean; Stefano Zanero, PC Chair
10.15-11.30 Gone Rogue: An Analysis of Rogue Security Software Campaigns (Invited talk)
Marco Cova
11.30-11.45 Break
11.45-12.30 Racewalk: fast instruction frequency analysis and classification for shellcode detection in network flow
Dennis Gamayunov and Nguyen Thoi Minh Quan and Fedor Sakharov and Edward Toroshchin
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.45 Walowdac Analysis of a Peer-to-Peer Botnet
Ben Stock and Jan Goebel and Markus Engelberth and Felix C. Freiling and Thorsten Holz
14.45-15.30 Effectiveness Metrics for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Andriy Stetsko and Vashek Matyas
15.30-16.00 Break
16.00-16.30 Short paper: The Dorothy Project: An Open Botnet Analysis Framework for Automatic Tracking and Activity Visualization
Marco Cremonini and Marco Riccardi
TBA Conference Dinner: Club "Manfredo Camperio", via Giulini 6 (near M1 Cordusio)

EC2ND 2009 - Day 2

10.00-10.45 Visualization and Explanation of Payload-Based Anomaly Detection
Konrad Rieck and Pavel Laskov
10.45-11.30 Integrated Detection of Attacks Against Browsers, Web Applications and Databases
Claudio Criscione and Federico Maggi and Guido Salvaneschi and Stefano Zanero
11.30-11.45 Break
11.45-12.30 Self-routing Denial-of-Service Resistant Capabilities using In-packet Bloom Filters
Christian Esteve Rothenberg and Petri Jokela and Pekka Nikander and Mikko Sarela and Jukka Ylitalo
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.30 Short paper: Enhanced SIM (ESIM): a proposal for mobile security
Giuseppe Paterno
14.30-16.00 Ethical issues in computer security research: ethics strikes back?
Panel discussion